This year 9 beautiful doelings from some of the TOP herds in the country will be offered in the raffle along with State baskets put together by different states.

ADGA wishes to THANK all the donors for their generous contribution to the ADGA National Show.

Check back regularly to see when the raffle goes live! Please view the details for the animals in the raffle here, then when you’re ready to purchase tickets click the button below. A new window will open taking you to our partner (RallyUp.com) so you can purchase tickets for your chance to win.

ADGA will run this year’s raffle from its North Carolina headquarters. The drawing will be made in North Carolina Thursday, July 18th and winners will be announced during the award ceremony on Thursday, July 18th.

All raffle items are to be picked up on Thursday, July 18th at the National Show.

The location of the drawing is the American Dairy Goat Association headquarters, 161 W. Main Street, Spindale, NC 28160, telephone (828) 286-3801. The organization conducting the raffle is the American Dairy Goat Association. Price of ticket is $5.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.

2024 Raffle Kids

Alpine- Chairein Dairy Goats. 

Tony De Mello, CA

Guernsey- Split Creek Farm

Jessica Bell, SC

Lamancha- Goat-San Dairy Goats. 

Trinity Malmanis, CA

Nigerian- Hilltown Meadow Farms. 

Tatiana Elizarova, PA

Nubian- CA Blackberry’s. 

Thanh Duong and Family, CA

Oberhasli- Sublime Dairy Goats. 

Jason Peckham, MD

Recorded Grade- Catwalk Farm / Ikswoned Lamanchas, KY

Saanen- Spinning Spider Creamery. 

Christine Owen and Family, NC

Sable- Grande Ronde Farm

Stephanie Rovey and Family, OR

Toggenburg- K BAR C Toggenburgs 

Cole Younger, NC