National Show Judges

Bob Bartholomew – New York

Bob Bartholomew has been involved with dairy goats for over 50 years. He started with an unrecorded grade Lamancha type doe as a young 4H member and has been involved with them since. He is an ADGA Life Member and a former Linear Appraiser working for the association for more than 10 years. Bob earned his first judges license during the 1987 Annual Meeting in San Angelo, TX. Throughout the years he has volunteered for many ADGA committees including National Show Youth (Chair), National Show, Linear Appraisal, Spotlight Sale, Type, Judges, Advanced Judges, and Judges Training, Licensing and Certification.   

In addition to dairy goats Bob has also been active with other types of livestock including Boer goats, Ayrshire dairy cattle, Pinzgauer beef cattle, Tunis and Dorper sheep, llamas, and a variety of exhibition poultry. He has served as President of the National Tunis Sheep Registry and the American Pinzgauer Association. He has also served as a member of the board of the American Goat Federation and has earned his (USBGA) Boer goat judge’s license. 

Having exhibited his own livestock from coast to coast, he truly understands the commitment it takes to attend a national show. This will be his third time judging our premier show and he is looking forward to seeing some of the very best dairy goats in the country and working with such a great group of talented judges. He is both honored and excited to be judging our 2024 National Show in Louisville.

Joe Pilotte – Indiana

Joe Pilotte has been a licensed ADGA judge for fourteen years and the 2024 National Show will be his second National Show assignment. Joe has 50 years of experience in Dairy Goats with rich history of breeding Nubians, Saanens and Alpines under the “WEA” Herd Name.

Joe is a 1988 graduate of Ball State University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Social Work.

Joe has spent a lifetime connected with agriculture having grown up in the state of Indiana on a family farm that produced hay, corn, soybeans and various species of livestock. As a youth, the American Dairy Goat Association was the first professional organization that Joe associated himself with. Joe is honored to now be a Lifetime Member of ADGA. Joe and his wife Lora maintain a regionally competitive herd of Nubians and Alpines and both have a keen passion in working with youth and mentoring them during their journey with Dairy Goats and with life in general.

Joe would like to thank all of those connected with the ADGA for their support and is truly honored to be selected as one of the 2024 judges. 

Thank you to the show volunteers and Best of Luck to all of you who are exhibiting.

Tim Flickinger – Indiana

Tim Flickinger resides in Lake Bruce, IN where he and his husband Justin raise Sables, Saanens, and Oberhasli under the herd name Flick’s Acres. The herd has been recognized at the local, state and national level. Tim holds degrees in Agribusiness Marketing and Animal Sciences. Professionally, Tim is a Regional Sales Manager for a nationally recognized brand of livestock forage products.

Tim is a lifetime ADGA member, previous district IV ADGA director and has been an ADGA & AGS licensed judge since 2001. Tim is also a certified livestock appraiser with the International Society of Livestock Appraisers. This is his second ADGA National Show judging assignment and looking forward to the opportunity in Louisville!

Todd Biddle – Pennsylvania

I have been a licensed dairy goat judge for over thirty years. 2024 will be my third opportunity to judge breed classes at the ADGA National Show. I have also judged showmanship at three past ADGA National shows. I have had the pleasure of judging many state fairs, club shows, and county fairs throughout the United States. 

On our family farm in Boalsburg (Central) Pennsylvania, we maintain a herd of thirty Saanen dairy goats, thirty Belgian Draft horses, and a hundred head of Dutch rabbits.  The historic farm is the home of two goat herds, OHF (Oak Hall Farm) and Royal Colors. OHF is the original 4-H herd and Royal Colors is my herd. Both herds earned Herd of Distinction status in 2021. While the goats are not shown as much as they once were, we earned National Junior Champion Saanen in 2003, Reserve National Best Udder Saanen in 2002, and Reserve National Best Udder Saanen in 2016. We have participated in the linear appraisal program and have had many scores between 90 to 92 with one doe scoring 93 over the years. 

Professionally speaking, I am currently an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor in central Pennsylvania. Always, something new and exciting in the works in my chapter. Our newest accomplishment is the start of Hometown Dressings in 2023. We currently offer two student-created vinaigrettes. This venture has been a great learning experience and has been beneficial in earning funds to support chapter activities. I also serve as a Director of the American Dutch Rabbit Club and a member of the Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America Hall of Fame Committee. 

Without a doubt, most of my life stories revolve around agriculture and educating others about different aspects of the agricultural way of life. I am excited to judge the respective breeds that were assigned to me at the National Show and celebrate the dairy goat industry in Louisville as some of the best dairy goats in the country are spotlighted at ADGA’s Premiere event.  

Mark Baden – Washington

Coming Soon!

Scott Bice – California

Scott Bice is the Farm Manager at Redwood Hill Farm in Sebastopol California. Redwood Hill Farm is a family farm that was founded in 1968 and the home to many ADGA National Champions over multiple breeds throughout the years. In addition to caring for the Redwood Hill goats, Scott breeds and owns lamancha and saanens under the Vineyard View herd name.  

Scott has been an ADGA licensed judge since 2010. In addition to judging, Scott has worked with many big dairies on the west coast as the milk producer liaison for Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery. Starting in 2024, Scott will be working for ADGA as a Linear Appraiser. 

Having bred and owned ADGA National Champions and a Premier Sire is quite an honor, and so is being selected to judge ADGA’s Premiere event. After exhibiting at many National Shows over the past 20 years, Scott knows the hard work and challenges involved in attending and wishes all exhibitors a great week and safe travels.