Youth Show Results

ADGA Youth are an integral part of the American Dairy Goat Association and the future of the dairy goat industry. Judging from the level and quality of participation by the youth in the American Dairy Goat Association, the dairy goat industry has a bright future. ADGA Youth, you rock!!!

2021 ADGA Youth Show Results

Judging & Management Contest

Senior Judging
1Miller Devon
2Varner Shelby
3Bohren Alicia
4Reeder Shantae
5McKinsey Elise
6Deans Kalina
7Hitch Hope
8Mitsch Elizabeth
9Brown Noah
10Mielbrecht Elianna
Junior Judging
1Alexa Lanam
2Cassie Marvin
3Alexis Wagner
4Elsie Foster
5Tanner Rovey
6Evan Brubaker
7Aleigh Walden
8Lucy Moore
9Alaina Miller
10Liam Heber
Senior Management
1Don Strawbridge
2Alexandra Stewart
3Caden Cockburn
4Seth Blake
5Emily Kern
6Elianna Mielbrecht
7Devon Miller
8Rachael Toombs
9Shelby Varner
10Josie Stringfield
Junior Management
1William Carlson
2Elsa Knowles
3Belle Duong
4Dylan Walden
5Alexa Lanam
6Jordan Laffon
7Cassie Marvin
8Brianna Burton
9Alaina Miller
10Tanner Rovey


Senior Showmanship
Primary Judge:Karen Smith
Consulting Judge:Ed Jodlowski
1Seth Blake
2Lakayla Vincent
3Emily Kern
4Caysie Ringkvist
5Blythe Heber
6Caden Cockburn
7Caroline Warren
8Russell Sorbo
9George Andrew
10Ryan Seamons
Intermediate ll Showmanship
Primary Judge:Cullen Owen
Consulting Judge:Emily Thompson
1Elianna Mielbrecht
2Faith Hitch
3Gwen Brubaker
4Emma Giachino
5Hope Mullins
6Justin Pietz
7Hope Hitch
8Emily Tucker
9Gavin Besteman
10Hope Mann
Intermediate 1 Showmanship
Primary Judge:Ed Jodlowski
Consulting Judge:Karen Smith
1William Carlson
2Liam Heber
3Jordan Laffon
4Allison Ode
5Adam Pietz
6Alexa Lanam
7Brianna Burton
8Addyson Stewart
9Elsa Knowles
10Belle Duong
Junior Showmanship
Primary Judge:Emily Thompson
Consulting Judge:Cullen Owen
1Winny Duong
2Gabriella Medina
3Daniella Medina
4Arieanna Baxley
5Aliza Trout
6Helen Carlson
7Genevieve Self
8Eli Covert
9Zander Todd
10Robbie Carlson

Premier Youth Awards

Senior Youth Exhibitor:Caden Cockburn, Illinois
Junior Youth Exhibitor:William Carlson, Minnesota
Premier Youth Alpine Exhibitor:Hope Hitch, Kentucky
Premier Youth LaMancha Exhibitor:Faith Hitch, Kentucky
Premier Youth Nigerian Dwarf Exhibitor:Caden Cockburn, Illinois
Premier Youth Nubian Exhibitor:Elizabeth Mitsch, Kansas
Premier Youth Oberhasli Exhibitor:Elsa Knowles, Maine
Premier Youth Saanen Exhibitor:Alexandrea Stewart, Ohio
Premier Youth Sable Exhibitor:Elsie Foster, Indiana
Premier Youth Toggenburg Exhibitor:William Carlson, Minnesota
Premier Youth Recorded Grade Exhibitor:Alexandrea Stewart, Ohio

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No National Show was held in 2020 due to COVID-19.

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