Youth Show Results

ADGA Youth are an integral part of the American Dairy Goat Association and the future of the dairy goat industry. Judging from the level and quality of participation by the youth in the American Dairy Goat Association, the dairy goat industry has a bright future. ADGA Youth, you rock!!!

Youth Breed Placings 2018

ADGA Youth Alpine Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth LaMancha Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth Nigerian Dwarf Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth Nubian Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth Oberhasli Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth Saanen Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth Sable Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth Toggenburg Placings 2018 PDF

ADGA Youth Recorded Grade Placings 2018 PDF

Youth Judging/Management Contest Results

Senior Judging Placings 
1Jackson Noble
2Frank Reith
3Elizabeth Mitsch
4Maggie Arnold
5Brandy Rigg
6Abigail Donkin
7Shea Mosher
8Madison Noble
9Seth Blake
10Naomi Moon
Junior Judging Placings 
1Lucy Keena
2Justin Pietz
3Susanna Hricko
4McKindry Plummer
5Hannah Saum
6Abbagale Doss
7Trinidy Grace Burton
8Tru Levesque
9Donni Craig
10Samantha Schwindt
Senior Management 
1Grace Toy
2Jackson Noble
3Savannah Clendenen
4Alexandrea Stewart
5Meg Noel
6Morgan Owen
7Madison Noble
8Ryan Blatchley
9Cade Cockburn
10Rachael Toombs
Junior Management 
1Don Strawbridge
2Hope Mann
3Emma Ward
4Jenna Bailey
5Maggie Boswell
6Hannah Saum
7Faith Hitch
8Makatlyn Burton
9Brooke Uhrinek
10Kenzie Burton

Youth Showmanship Contest Results

Senior Showmanship 
Primary Judge:Karen Smith
Assistant Judge: Tom Cox
1Mattie Weber
2Alexandrea Stewart
3Grace Toy
4Andrew Keach
5Morgan Owen
6Noah Johnson
7Frank Reith
8Caleigh Ringkrist
9Madison Noble
10Reagen Birr
Intermediate ll Showmanship 
Primary Judge:Tom Cox
Assistant Judge: Karen Smith
1Julia Uhrinek
2Don Strawbridge
3Faith Hitch
4Lakayla Vincent
5Cade Cockburn
6Victoria Fiengo
7Ciera Keena
8Laurel Ticer
9Caysie Ringkrist
10Josh Albrecht
Intermediate 1 Showmanship 
Primary Judge:Julie Matthys
Assistant Judge: Cullen Owen
1Stella Dearing
2Shayla Lanam
3Tucker Seibert
4Emily Tucker
5Lucy Keena
6Tru Levesque
7Hope Mann
8Trinidy Grace Burton
9Madison Gurney
10Cole Warren
Junior Showmanship 
Primary Judge:Cullen Owen
Assistant Judge: Julie Matthys
1Jordan Laffoon
2Ben Gurney
3Alexa Lanam
4Elsie Foster
5Grayce Elizabeth Moore
6Donni Craig
7Addyson Stewart
8Madeline Cox
9Esaiah Johnson
10Alayna Moore

Youth Fitting Team Contest Results

1st Place - The Formal Fitters
Seth Blake
Mattie Weber
Elizabeth Mitsch
Caroline Warren
2nd Place - Return of the Avengers - The Infinity Clippers
Jackson Noble
Noah Johnson
Madison Noble
Kate Henkel
3rd Place - Crazy Clippers
Emily DiMichele
Kyla Petkanics
Shea Moshier
Naomi Moon
4th Place - Coast to Coast
Nora Strawbridge
Don Strawbridge
Josh Albrecht
Kelsie Pittman
5th Place - Make Goats Great Again
Savannah Clendenen
Tanner Fought
Hope Mann
Elizabeth Schreuer

Premier Youth Exhibitors

Senior Youth Exhibitor 
Jackson Noble, North Carolina
Junior Youth Exhibitor
Don Strawbridge, Maine
Premier Youth Alpine Exhibitor:Alexandrea Stewart, Ohio
Premier Youth LaMancha Exhibitor:Don Strawbridge, Maine
Premier Youth Nigerian Dwarf Exhibitor:Mattie Weber, Florida
Premier Youth Nubian Exhibitor:Jackson Noble, North Carolina
Premier Youth Oberhasli Exhibitor:Hope Man, Ohio
Premier Youth Saanen Exhibitor:Grace Toy, Connecticut
Premier Youth Sable Exhibitor:Elsie Foster, Indiana
Premier Youth Toggenburg Exhibitor:Noah Johnson, North Carolina
Premier Youth Recorded Grade Exhibitor:Grace Toy, Connecticut