Youth Show Results

ADGA Youth are an integral part of the American Dairy Goat Association and the future of the dairy goat industry. Judging from the level and quality of participation by the youth in the American Dairy Goat Association, the dairy goat industry has a bright future. ADGA Youth, you rock!!!

Youth Breed Placings 2019

ADGA Youth Alpine Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth LaMancha Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth Nigerian Dwarf Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth Nubian Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth Oberhasli Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth Saanen Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth Sable Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth Toggenburg Placings 2019 PDF

ADGA Youth Recorded Grade Placings 2019 PDF

2019 Premier Youth Exhibitors

Senior Youth Exhibitor:Erica Illg3G Family Farm
Junior Youth Exhibitor:Emma GiachinoDehuene
Premier Youth Alpine Exhibitor:Paige SwierHomestead Simply Dairy Goats
Premier Youth LaMancha Exhibitor:Audrey Greenwood Argonne’s
Premier Youth Nigerian Dwarf Exhibitor:Erica Illg3G Family Farm
Premier Youth Nubian Exhibitor:Kaylie JamiesonKing’s Kids
Premier Youth Oberhasli Exhibitor:Emma GiachinoDehuene
Premier Youth Saanen Exhibitor:Elise June McKinseyElise DBL Eagle’s
Premier Youth Sable Exhibitor:Elsie Foster Klisse’s
Premier Youth Toggenburg Exhibitor:Lakayla Vincent Prairie Ridge
Premier Youth Recorded Grade Exhibitor:Audrey Greenwood Argonne’s

2019 Youth Showmanship Results

Senior Showmanship
Primary Judge:Rachel Conway
Consulting Judge:Aaron Carter
1Greenwood, Audrey
2Illg, Erica
3Otterson, Garrett
4Jamieson, Kaylie
5Young, Ayana
6Noble, Jackson
7Newman, Courtney
8Blake, Seth
9Sorbo, Russell
10Kern, Emily
Intermediate ll Showmanship
Primary Judge:Amy Akramoff
Consulting Judge:Mark Baden
1Vincent, Lakayla
2Boyd, Kayla Ruth
3Schuldt, Kaynen
4Bohren, Alicia
5Tarbox, Nora
6Mielbrecht, Elianna
7Strawbridge, Don
8Wilbur, Emily
9Otterson, Wesley
10Glashan, Bailey Rose
Intermediate 1 Showmanship
Primary Judge:Aaron Carter
Consulting Judge:Rachel Conway
1Fowler, Miyah
2Duong, Belle
3Glashan, Loomis
4Deans, Kalina
5Rusconi, Hannah
6Strawbridge, Nora
7Plummer, McKindry
8Rusconi, Rachel
9Foster, Elsie
10Massey, Hannah
Junior Showmanship
Primary Judge:Mark Baden
Consulting Judge:Amy Akramoff
1Evans, Charlotte
2Duong, Winny
3Swier, Paige
4Merhoff, Wyatt
5Orcutt, Xander
6Thomas, Jessica
7Flores, Paul

2019 Youth Fitting Team Results

1st Place - Caprabellum
Jackson Noble
Erica Illg
Audrey Greenwood
Russel Sorbo
2nd Place - Let it Ride Clippers
Ayana Young
Stella Dearing
Elsie Foster
Kylor Wilson
3rd Place - Goat Monkey Garage
Bailey Glashan
Loomis Glashan
Kaynen Schuldt
Garrett Otterson
4th Place - Chicks that Clip
Phoebe Heino
Amanda VinSonhaler
Shanley Bruscino
Julissa Nord
5th Place - Goat Herders
Elise Mckinsey
Rachel Utter
Kristen Roghair
Gracelyn Smith

2019 Youth Judging/Management Results

Senior Judging
1Bennett, Bethany
2Schuldt, Kaynen
3Beauchamp, Meagan
4Rosenberg, Gaby
5Mielbrecht, Elianna
6Edwards, Raven
7Vinsonhaler, Amanda
8Strawbridge, Don
9Boyd, Kayla (119)
10Evans, Madeline
Junior Judging
1Tarbox, Opal
2Townsend, Hanna
3Giachino, Emma
4Dunning, Ian
5Swier, Paige
6Hartrim-Lowe, Samuel
7Thomas, Ashton
8Strawbridge, Nora
9Orcutt, Xander
10Thomas, Jessica
Senior Management
1Noble, Jackson
2Blake, Seth
3Cockburn, Caden
4Jamieson, Kaylie
5Kern, Emily
6Otterson, Garrett
7Mielbrecht, Elianna
8Newman, Amy
9Newman, Courtney
10Mitsch, Elizabeth
Junior Management
1Dearing, Stella
2Deans, Kalina
3Massey, Madisen
4Angle, Adelaide
5Otterson, Wesley
6Strawbridge, Nora
7Glashan, Loomis
8Rusconi, Rachel
9Vieira, Emily
10Valente, Violette

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