Youth Forms

Youth Orientation Meeting 

June 25, 2022 – Saturday, 2:00 PM

1.This will be the close of entries. All participants should attend.
2. If you are unable to be present at this meeting, please contact the committee        ahead of time
3. The meeting place will be at the show ring

Youth Activities – General Rules for Participation

1.Participant must be no older than 20 years of age on June 25, 2022
2. All ages for classes will be determined by the youth’s age on June 25, 2022.
3. All participants will be required to provide a completed participation form and have a designated adult guardian present at the show.
4. Youth for the Quality Care of Animals ( certification is optional for all participants.
5. Youth are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a show. Please take into account that other people and animals are present, and no conduct dangerous to these people or animals will be allowed.
6. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs by youth participants is strictly forbidden. If a youth is found to be drinking alcoholic beverages or using illegal drugs, the youth may be dismissed from all youth activities.
7. A youth need not be exhibiting animals in the open show to participate in the youth events.
8. All judgments of the National Youth Activities Committee are final.
9. There are no entry fees for any youth show activities.

Youth Judging/Management Contest

Youth Showmanship Contest

June 25, 2022 – Saturday, 4:00 PM

Classes – Juniors (ages 14 and under), Seniors (ages 15-20)

1.Contest will consist of questions relating to dairy goat management, health, equipment, feeds, hay and judging.
2. The judging portion will consist of several classes of animals (4 goats per class).
3. The seniors may be asked to give one set of reasons, if time allows. (These reasons would be given without the animals standing in front of you.)
4. The official placings of the judging contest will be from a panel of ADGA Licensed Judges and their judgment will be final.
5. There will be no talking allowed between participants. Any-one seen talking during the contest will be disqualified.
6. The questions on health and nutrition will be written by individuals trained in these areas (e.g., veterinarians and nutritionists) and their judgments will be final.
7. An award will be presented to the highest scoring individual in each division. The placings will be announced at the end of the week at the awards ceremony.

June 26, 2022 – Sunday, 8:00 AM

Classes – Juniors (age 10 and under), Intermediate 1 (ages 11-13),
Intermediate 2 (ages 14-16), Seniors (ages 17-20)
*All ages as of June 25, 2022

1.All animals must have proper health papers and be entered either as a showmanship animal or in the open show.
2. You do not have to show an animal that you own.
3. Judging criteria are as per the ADGA Guidebook (see ADGA Showmanship Scorecard). With the exception of attire as outlined in the Q&A section below.
4. Ribbons will be awarded to 10th place, with a trophy for 1st place in each of the four classes. (All entrants will receive a participation ribbon).

Youth Fitting Team Contest

June 26, 2022 – Sunday, 12:00 PM

1.Each team consists of four members, age 20 and under.
2.New in 2022! Each team will be expected to bring an intermediate or senor kid for fitting – see FAQ for more info.
3.It is highly recommended that whites be worn.
4.One electrical outlet will be provided for each team.
5.Each team must provide their own clippers. Only one se of clippers may be in use at any one time (i.e., one small set OR one large set; NOT one of each size).
6.No clipper blades smaller than a #10 allowed Fitting materials may consist of dry clean solution, alcohol and/or five gallons of water. (If you have any questions    concerning what you can use, please ask for clarification at the youth meeting)
7.Hooves are presumed to be trimmed. Knives and hoof polish are not allowed.
8.No more than ONE of the doe’s feet may be off the ground at any time.
9.The duration of the contest is 30 minutes.
10. At the end of the contest (when 30 minutes is up) the animal must be presented to the judges. When time is called, you must stop everything!
   Trimming (pre versus post)
   Cleanliness (of animal) (pre versus post)       25
   Showmanship                                                     25
   Group effort and Coordination                          15
   Handling of goat while trimming                      15
   Clean up of work area (throughout contest)     5
                                                                               100 possible points
12.Tarps may be no larger than 12 x 12.

Premier Youth Exhibitor Contest

1.To participate in this contest, complete and submit an application (available at the show) to the designated committee member by the deadline.

2. This award is presented to the individual (Junior and Senior) with the highest cumulative score based on the following criteria:


Showmanship: Points for top 10 placings (1st-20, 2nd-18, etc. to 10th-2).

Management: Points for top 10 placings (1st-20, 2nd-18, etc. to 10th-2).

Judging: Points for top 10 placings (1st-20, 2nd-18, etc. to 10th-2).

OPEN SHOW POINTS: (Youth embedded show placings may not be used) Points are based on the youth’s top three placing animals that meet Rule #3 based on the following scale (1st-10, 2nd-9.5, 3rd-9, 4th-8.5, etc. to 20th-0.5) and additional 2 points given for each of these three animals that was bred by the youth.

3. All points from the open show (see criteria above) must be from animals which list the youth as sole owner on the official ADGA registry certificate. (This does not prevent the youth from participating in a family unit, or showing animals owned jointly or by others. However, only the animals owned individually by the youth participant can be used to count towards premier youth exhibitor points.) Additionally, only placings of individual animals in age classes will be used (i.e., no group classes, production, best udder awards or championship classes) and animals may be used only once.

4. To be eligible for this award, the youth must participate in the showmanship contest, the fitting team contest, and the management/judging contest. (The fitting team and management/judging classes do not require you to bring a goat and you are permitted to borrow a goat from anyone showing at the show who will let you use their animal for the showmanship contest.) You do not have to show an animal in the open show to be eligible for this award.

5. The winner will be announced at the end of the week at the awards ceremony.

6. In the case of a tie, the combined scores of the three youth events (showmanship, fitting team, and management/judging) will be used in determining the winner.

7. IMPORTANT: You must own the animals used for your open show points in the Premier Youth Exhibitor contest. The ADGA Youth Committee is requiring that all animals used in this computation be registered solely in the youth’s name. This does not mean that all animals the youth show in the open show must be registered as such, but any animal not solely in their name cannot be used for open show points. This does not include the does used in showmanship, unless they are also being used as open show points in the Premier Youth Contest.

8. Youth do not have to take part in the Embedded Youth Show to be eligible for Premier Youth award consideration.


The same criteria will be used as described for the Premier Youth Exhibitor for Breed Specific Premier Youth Exhibitor Awards .


Inportant Information to Know

Do I have to udder my doe for Showmanship?
No, we are informing the judges that you have been told that uddering your doe will not be taken into account. We especially do not suggest excessive uddering
of does.

Can a milkstand be sued to hold the doe for the fitting contest?
No, the rules specify that no more than one foot may be of the ground at one time.

Are there specific rules regarding my attire in the ring?
All persons entering the show ring handling dairy goats in any classes are expected to be dressed in the following manner:

Clean, neat and well groomed.
Plain white shirts only. No names or farm logos permitted.
Long, white pants or skirts.
Closed toe shoes.
Should have some way to fasten animal number so that animal can be properly identified.
Should enhance, not detract from the animal being shown.
If showing in many classes during the day, a change of show uniform may be necessary in order to project a professional image throughout the day.
All milk drawn in the show ring shall be milked into stainless steel milk buckets.

The following exhibitor uniforms or attire are not acceptable for National Show rings:

Tight fitting knitted shirts pants, leggings and/or leotards.
Tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, tube tops, and see-through, fish-net, or any other transparent clothing.
Sandals, thongs, flip-flops, or other opened toe shoes or bare feet.
Shorts of any kind.
Chore clothes.
Milk pails, other than stainless steel, in the show ring.
Hats or caps of any kind.
Capri pants.

Can I bring my showmanship doe just for the weekend?
Yes. There will be a $10.00 fee if you are not exhibiting the doe in the Open Show and you must comply with the same health requirements as other participants in the show. You can use any doe that is either being shown in the open show or that you bring just for the showmanship contest (if you have reserved a pen on the youth entry form). The doe for showmanship does not have to be owned by you. If you intend to bring a doe only for youth events, you need to reserve a pen prior to June 12 and the animal will need to be removed from the premises by Monday morning. Pens are limited to animal use and tack pens will not be available. Please plan accordingly. Animals cannot be housed on trailers or in trucks as per the general ADGA rules.

How many pairs of clippers can we use in the fitting contest?
You are allowed to use only one pair of clippers at a time. You may, however, bring in any number of clippers as long as only one pair is being used at a time. You may not use any blade that cuts closer than a size 10 blade (i.e., no surgical blades).

Does our team need to provide and animal for our fitting team?
Yes, you need to bring one doe the size of a senior kid (large breeds) or a Nigerian dry Jr or Sr yearling. It should not have any fitting done prior to the class and should have sufficient length of hair to make new clipping obvious. Feet are allowed to be trimmed prior the class. Note that the judges will be evaluating animals both prior and following the class. So having an animal that requires minimal fitting while in the class may not be as big of an improvement in the judges eyes. 

Do we have to give reasons in the judging portion of the management contest?
Generally, the answer to this question is No, simply due to time constraints. However, we do reserve the right to ask the seniors to give one set of reasons if time allows, and it is requested by the official judges. If reasons are expected, participants will be notified previous to the start of the judging class.

What does the management portion of the Management/Judging Contest include?
Questions concerning any phase of dairy goat ownership or management, including, but not limited to herd health, veterinary medicine as it relates to dairy goats, dairy goat feeds and hays, understanding dairy goat pedigrees and DHIA forms, and any subject addressed in the ADGA Guidebook.