National Show Schedule

The 2019 ADGA National Show will be held July 6-13 at the Deschutes Country Fairgrounds in Redmond, OregonDirections | Facilities

2019 National Show Schedule

This is only the preliminary schedule related to judging only. A more complete schedule will be posted as we get closer to National Show 2019.

DateTimeEvent or NoticeJudges
July 7, SundayPMAlpine JrCavanagh/Whiteside
Recorded Grade JrNoble/Matthys
July 8, MondayAMAlpine SrCavanagh/Whiteside
Recorded Grade SrNoble/Matthys
July 8, MondayPMNubian JrT-Hajdik/Smith
Toggenburg JrWhiteside/Cavanagh 
July 9, TuesdayAMNubian SrT-Hajdik/Smith
Toggenburg SrWhiteside/Cavanagh 
July 9, TuesdayPMNigerian Dwarf JrNoble/Whiteside
Oberhasli JrMatthys/T-Hajdik
July 10, WednesdayAMNigerian Dwarf SrNoble/Whiteside
Oberhasli SrMatthys/T-Hajdik
July 10, WednesdayPMSaanen JrMatthys/Smith
Sable JrCavanagh/Noble
July 11, ThursdayAMSaanen SrMatthys/Smith
Sable SrCavanagh/Noble
July 11, ThursdayPMLaMancha JrSmith/T-Hajdik
July 12, FridayAMLaMancha SrSmith/T-Hajdik
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3 comments on “National Show Schedule
  1. David Groce says:

    Why would you put the same basic breed Saanens and Sables on the same day. That is insane!! Its like adga is still trying to sabotage the sable breed….making it basically impossible to show saanes and sables….im am thouroughly iritated wuth adga and their unspoken sabotage of sables once again

    • David Abbott says:

      Thank you for sharing your concern. The scheduling of a show of this magnitude is understandably a complex task with many considerations. The chairs looked back at all National Shows through 2015, looking at who were judging previous breeds, what days breeds were shown and what breeds were shown together. There were instances where Saanen/Alpine, Rec Grads/LaManchas or Nubian/LaManchas exhibited on the same day. These are also breed combinations some members breed together. While no schedule is ideal for everyone we value all breeds registered by ADGA. Our hope is that announcing the schedule this early will help breeders with show conflicts to find help so they can still exhibit at National Show.

      • Sonia thyssen says:

        It all works out. The breeds stage a little sables being a small breed and saanens being large it seems to work out we have done this with the togs and nubins s 3 or 4 other times. Be orepared and have a crew

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