National Show Judges

2019 National Show Judges

ADGA members elected five judges and the National Show Committee selected the sixth judge. Congratulations to the ADGA judges who will be officiating the 2019 ADGA National Show:


Bios are being posted as they are provided by the National Show judges.

2019 National Show Judges Bios

Ed Cavanagh

I would like to thank the members of the American Dairy Goat Association and the National Show Committee for allowing ADGA judges like myself the opportunity to judge the Most Prestigious Dairy Goat Show of the Year!!!

It takes a lot of time and dedication for everyone involved and many sacrifices by many to put on a show like the National Show. Having said that, I am humbled by the fact that those who are members of ADGA take the time to vote and allow me the honor of judging their fine animals.

I am excited to not only judge, but to see so many fine animals and all the hard work the exhibitors put into make the National Show a success. Seeing everyone at the show and working with other judges in a teamwork approach in selecting the best possible animals that meet the standards put forth by ADGA and its membership is a honor. Selective breeding, long hours, many years, tears and money have gone into many of the animals presented.

Without the support of my family, especially my wife Sharon and two daughters Karen and Kassidy, getting to judge any show would be next to impossible. A strong support system at home allows me to do one of the things I like, and that is to Judge Dairy Goats!

I’ve been raising dairy goats for 43 years this year. I’ve bred and owned Canadian National Champions in several breeds. Having the good fortune to have acquired an ADGA license and a Canadian Goat Society license has enabled me to travel to many distant areas of North America, always scouting for lines to add to my own herd.

Remember, no matter how you place, it is the same animal you brought into the ring so never get discouraged at how you place. Hopefully, everyone remains healthy and has a positive experience at this year’s National Show. More importantly, I hope everyone arrives safely and has a safe trip home.

Have a GREAT 2019 ADGA National Show.

Julie Matthys

Julie has been an ADGA licensed judge since 1994 and is judging her seventh National Show. She has been involved in dairy goats since 1983 and formerly bred Toggenburgs under the herd name Dairy Delight. She now breeds LaManchas under the herd name Mint*Leaf and helps manage her son Kyle’s herd of M*L Legacy Nubians.

Julie is the current co-chair of the National Show Long Range Committee and has previously chaired the Judges Training and Shows Committees. Julie is a Life Member of ADGA. In her professional life, she is a licensed real estate appraiser, broker and professional farm manager.

Dustin Noble

Dustin lives in Franklin, TN and has raised ADGA registered dairy goats under the Noble-Springs herd name since 1992. As an infant, he and his brother were allergic to traditional dairy products. His parents started raising Nubians to provide milk that their children could digest.

Dustin has been an ADGA licensed judge since 2004. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science.

He and his wife Justyne met at the 2003 ADGA National Show in Des Moines, Iowa. Together they milk over 100 goats and operate Noble Springs Dairy in Franklin, TN. Their farmstead creamery produces several types of cheese, fluid milk and drinkable yogurt.

Their passion is for dairy goats and the dairy goat industry and consider themselves extremely fortunate to be making a career out of their passion. Dustin is grateful for this opportunity to be a third-time ADGA National Show judge.

Karen Smith

This is Karen’s 4th time to be selected as an ADGA National Show Judge. She attended her first National Show in 2000 and 2019 will mark 20 consecutive years of attendance.

She is looking forward to attending the 2019 show as a Judge. Karen has owned goats for over 30 years and has operated Lady-K Farm since 1991. She raises Purebred French Alpines and both Purebred and American Saanens. She acquired her Judge’s license in 2003. She is a Senior Appraiser with ADGA’s Linear Appraisal Program and is a member of the ADGA Board of Directors representing District III.

She left “Corporate America” in 2007 and has been a full-time farmer since that time. Karen has judged Youth Events at the ADGA National Show on numerous occasions and is always honored to be able to work with the “future” of ADGA.

The following committees she has either chaired or severed on: Annual Meeting, Annual Meeting Long Range, National Show, National Show Long Range, Linear Appraisal, Judge’s Training, Advanced Judges and National Show Youth Activities. She has participated in DHIR and hosts a Linear Appraisal session at her farm each year.

Karen says, “There is nothing quite like the sight of several thousand beautiful animals all grouped together to compete for the title of National Champion in their respective breed. To attend a National Show is an exhilarating experience, and to be selected to judge a National Show is an honor. Thank you to all those who helped make me who I am today.”

Anna Thompson Hajdik

Anna Thompson Hajdik was born into the world of dairy goats with her parents Douglas and Mary Thompson purchasing their foundation animals about a decade before she was born.  In fact, she attended her first National Show as an infant in Grayslake, Illinois, in the summer of 1979!

Anna grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota.  Although her first goat was an Alpine, she was given her first Toggenburg in 1988 by good family friends, Earl and Marjorie Kitchen.  This gift resulted in a passion for the Toggenburg breed as she set about breeding a competitive herd of Toggenburgs throughout the next several decades.

The culmination of that effort was reached in 2018 with the exhibition of her homebred national champion, SGCH Legendairy Chip’s Rhubiayat.  Along with her parents and sister Emily, Anna is also involved with managing the family’s herd of Alpines bred under the ‘Kara Kahl’ prefix.

Anna obtained her judging license in 1998.  Over the years, she’s had the opportunity to judge dairy goats in 32 states as well as the nation of Brazil.  Anna loves evaluating beautiful animals, wherever they may be, and meeting enthusiastic, devoted breeders of the delightful dairy goat.  She is also active in the American Dairy Goat Association and Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association.  Anna currently serves as the co-chair of the Judge’s Training Conference committee and is the Vice President of the Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association.

In her professional life, Anna is a professor of Film History and English at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Feel free to ask her about her favorite movies and film stars all week!  Anna, along with her husband Jason and dinosaur-loving daughter Daisy, reside in Madison, Wisconsin.  She is so very excited to be judging her first National Show and looks forward to seeing the parade of beautiful animals throughout the week!

Sam Whiteside

Sam has been interested in goats since he was a child. He has raised all breeds, but currently is working with Saanens. In addition to being a judge, he works for ADGA as a Linear Appraiser during the summer. When he is not dealing with goats he shows chickens.  During the year he teaches school, the best job of all.

According to Sam, attending the National Show, whether as a spectator, exhibitor or judge, is a big deal. “I’m honored to have been selected to judge the three most important breeds of the show.”

“Whether I’m judging a 4-H show or the National Show, I try to focus on what is right about the animals and make my decisions on those points. I often tell people that goats are like husbands, none of them are perfect, but it is important to deal with the positives.”

“This is an opportunity to meet goat people and to see some of the finest animals in the country. And what’s really great is, I’ll have the best seat in the house.”