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Feeders Supply will be the on-site feed supplier for the 2021 National Show. Shavings, straw, hay and bagged feed will be available for purchase at the show. Bagged feed will need to be pre-ordered/pre-paid well in advance of show. Feeders is an authorized Purina Dealer.

Available Feeds & Bedding

Morton Plain Salt Brick, 4 lb3
Morton Trace Mineral Salt Brick, 4 lb 3
Natural Fill Supplement, 50 lb28
Steam Crimped Oats25
Purina Goat Chow Goat Feed, 50 lb24.5
Rolled Oats, 50 lb25
Whole Oats, 40 lb16.5
Bale Alfalfa/Mixed Grass Hay11.5
Bale Timothy/Mixed Grass Hay11
3-String Western Alfalfa32
Cracked Corn, 40 lb12
Bagged Pine Shavings8.5
Purina Dairy Goat Parlor 1621

Ordering from Feeders Supply

To pre-order or order during the show, Create an Account with Feeders Supply >>

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Notes for Ordering: When you place an order, indicate “ADGANationalShow” in the “Trainer ID” field. Pen numbers will not be assigned until after you have checked in, so you can bypass that field until after you have checked in. There is also a space for notes at checkout, if you have special needs or requests.

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