The show ring will be in the Brown Arena. Horse stalls (10′ x 10) are located in the Gilligan Complex and Sheep pens (7′ x 7′) are located in the Brown Arena.  The Wine & Cheese Event will be held in the Ohio Building.  See a Ohio Expo Center & State Fair Virtual Tour or Download a Ohio Expo Center & State Fair map

Reserve Your Pen(s)

The National Show Online Entry Form is now available. Please login to ADGA Member Services to complete your online entry: Online National Show Entry Form

If you do not have an online account, entry forms are posted on this site: Exhibitors >> Forms page.

View Horse Stall and Sheep Pen Schematic & Availability

The Google Sheet Pen Schematic & Availability spreadsheet is intended to be an aid in viewing the layout and what has already been reserved only. No changes made there will be submitted to ADGA. Available pens when viewing the spreadsheet does not guarantee certain pens will be available. Pen requests are being processed manually and there may be requests ahead of yours that have not been processed and are not reflected yet on the spreadsheet.

Horse Stalls (10′ x 10′) are in the Gilligan Complex. Sheep Pens (7′ x 7′) are in the Brown Arena where the Vendors and show ring is also located. See the individual building descriptions below for more information.

Updates to the National Show Pen Assignment Spreadsheet are being made manually and only during office hours. Stalls and Pens will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Preferences may be indicated on your Online National Show Entry Form or Mail-in National Show Entry Summary.

View the 2018 National Show Pen Assignment Spreadsheet

Brown Arena

The Brown Arena (Building) will house the 50 x 140 show ring for National Show 2018. The building offers 140,000 square feet of open-arrangement space, electrical service, restrooms, water, drains, lighting and drive-in doors. Brown Building Map View

Detailed Description and Floor Plan from the Ohio Expo Center

Gilligan Complex

The Gilligan Complex will serve as the main pen area and is hiding under a 6 acre parking lot on the roof. (Not currently labeled on Google Maps) You can find it closest to E 17th Ave and Big 4 St, Directly North of the Cooper Arena and West of the Ohio Expo Center – Brown Building.  Gilligan Complex Map View

Detailed Description and Floor Plan from the Ohio Expo Center

Ohio Building

The Ohio Building will house the Wine & Cheese Event and features 14,095 sq. ft of circular space with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. It can host up to 1,110 people, is air conditioned and has large restrooms.  Ohio Building Map View

Detailed Description and Floor Plan from the Ohio Expo Center

National Show Feed Vendor

The feed vendor for National Show is Kuhlwein Services. Their phone number is 614-989-2142.  Pre-orders with credit card payment are accepted and will be delivered to the exhibitor pens the day of arrival.

Alfalfa/Orchard Grass 4th Cutting Hay (no stems): $8.00/bale

Straw: $5.00/bale

Shavings: $8.00/bale

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