All trailers must be parked in LOT K immediately after unloading animals and tack. The lot is easily accessible if exhibitors need to get feed/supplies during the week. See the Check-in menu for instructions about arriving. Exhibitor Check-in Information >>

See “Lodging” for RV camping, tent camping and hotel accommodations.

Penning Stall Information

Special requests may be made regarding penning, but the National Show Committee will have final say on all stalling assignments. Herds taking advantage of early release will be stalled in the Pavilion, while herds remaining all week will be stalled in the West Wing.

Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi will be available in most areas for a charge of $14.99 per day, provided by the facility and not ADGA. Anyone can sign up online by using “Available Wireless Network” on your device and accessing the payment page of the internet connection. The Wi-Fi Name is “InstantInternet (Buy on the Fly)”

Kentucky Expo Center Interactive Map

Kentucky Expo Center Interactive Map

Kentucky Expo Area Map

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Kentucky Expo Center Facilities Map