Doe Kid Raffle

At National Show each year ADGA holds a doe kid raffle or silent auction. Winners were announced at the Awards Ceremony at the Ohio Expo Center, Columbus Ohio on June 29.

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Raffle Rules and Process

(The 2018 Doe Kid Raffle is closed. Look for the 2019 entry form in the Spring of 2019.)

Deadline for ticket sales is 12:00 pm Eastern Time, June 28, 2018. Winning tickets will be randomly drawn at the ADGA office in Spindale, NC on June 29, 2018.

Winners will be announced at the ADGA National Show Awards Ceremony in Columbus, Ohio following the Colorama Sale. To win, you or your representative must be present for the announcement of the winners at the Awards Ceremony at the Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, Ohio.

You will need to make arrangements for your kid to be transported immediately after notification. (Animals being imported into Canada from the U.S. must comply with Canadian rules of entry.)

Please have your ticket purchase email with you or with your representative when claiming your winning doe. If your ticket cannot be verified or the animal is not claimed at the time of the drawing, a second ticket will be drawn.

Raffle Contact

The contact for this year’s Doe Kid Raffle is Sonia Thyssen: or 509-797-3345.

Raffle Consignments and Breeder Information

Click on the Registration Number to view the pedigree for each doe kid.

Alpine | LaManchaNigerian Dwarf | Nubian | Oberhasli | Saanen | Sable | Toggenburg | Experimental

Alpine Doeling

Noble-Springs NSB Talli – AA1925862 – Born 02/06/2018
Sire: Noble-Springs RHZR Bismark
Dam: Noble-Springs NSS Tinka
Raffle Winner: Kathryn Stuart, Bloomfield, KY

Alpine Doe Kid: Noble-Springs NSB Talli

Dam of Kid: Noble-Springs NSS Tinka

Maternal Grandam of Kid: Noble-Springs Tierro Toria

Maternal Great Grandam of Kid: Noble-Springs HH Sue

Paternal Grandam of Kid: Delta-Rho Breeze’s Brie

Donated by:
Noble Springs Dairy
3144 Blazer Rd
Franklin, TN 37064
Dustin, Justyne and Brynlee Noble

LaMancha Doeling

Mint*Leaf Fifth Avenue – L1924345 – Born 03/20/2018
Sire: J&R Farm Sterling – PL1905133
Dam: Mint*Leaf Avery – PL1833265
Raffle Winner: Travis Cockburn, Johnson City, IL

LaMancha Doe Kid: Mint*Leaf Fifth Avenue

Dam of Kid: Mint*Leaf Avery

Sire of Kid: *B J & R Farm Sterling

Maternal Great Grandam of Kid: CH Mint*Leaf Blackberry

Donated by:
Mint*Leaf LaManchas
29956 Edison Rd
New Carlisle, IN 46552
Julie and Kyle Matthys

Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

Lil Journey Farm Makin Mehappy – D1926677 –  Born 02/03/2018
Sire: Gypsy Moon WP Messenger
Dam: Gypsy Moon SM Meso Pretty
Raffle Winner: Maggie and Brinkley Boswell, Florence, MS

Nigerian Dwarf Doe Kid: Lil Journey Farm Makin Mehappy

Dam of Kid: Gypsy Moon SM Meso Pretty

Dam of Kid FF Udder: Gypsy Moon SM Meso Pretty

Sire of Kid: Gypsy Moon WP Messenger

Dam’s Sire: J-Nels LY Siu Mai

Sire’s Sire: Gypsy Moon SB War-Paint

Sire’s Dam: Gypsy Moon Po Yuan

Donated by:
lil Journey Farm
9860 Torrington Dr N
Semmes, AL 36575
Tiffany Blake

Nubian Doeling

Cherokee Rose FireFly – N1935400 – Born 03/28/2018
Sire: Jacob’s Pride HH 4ever in Love
Dam: Blissberry Catherine the Great
Raffle Winner: Logan Meyer, Hampton, NJ

Nubian Doe Kid: Cherokee Rose FireFly

Dam of Kid: Blissberry Catherine the Great

Sire of Kid: Jacob’s Pride HH 4ever in Love

Donated by:
Cherokee Rose Dairy
7301 Buttermilk Rd
Cottondale, AL 35453
Jeremy and Jessica Franks

Oberhasli Doeling

Fork Creek Martelé – AB1932474 – Born 03/29/2018
Sire: Fork Creek Beausoleil – AB1842566
Dam: Sparkling Acres Legato Breeze – AB1798606
Raffle Winner: Christine Knoblauch, Del Norte, CO

Oberhasli Doe Kid: Fork Creek Martelé

Dam of Kid: Sparking Acres Legato Breeze

Sire of Kid: Fork Creek Beausoleil

Paternal Grandam of Kid: Sparkling Acres Carolina Jazz

Donated by:
Fork Creek Farm
623 Slatestone Rd
Washington, NC 27889
Hillary Brooks

Saanen Doeling

Hidden Meadows Elliot’s Monet – AS1934029 – Born 03/12/18 (NEW 6/22/2018)
Sire: Tempo Passa Elliot
Dam: SG des-Ruhigestelle VVT Crazylegs
Raffle Winner: Cynthia Shelley, Cobbleskill, NY

Dam of Kid: SG des-Ruhigestelle VVT Crazylegs

Dam of Kid: SG des-Ruhigestelle VVT Crazylegs

Dam of Sire: GCH Tempo Passa Evita FS91

Donated by:
Hidden Meadows Saanens
93250 Bear Creek Ranch Rd
Junction City, OR 97448
Melanie Fergason

Sable Doeling

Grande Ronde KKA Derora – AC1946433 – Born 04/12/2018
Sire: *B Klisse’s KPOH Ammon – AC1645683
Dam: 2*M SGCH Joheas-Acres Dahnay – AC1572995
(Lifetime Milk: 12,396 lb, 421 lb Fat, 366 lb Protein)
Raffle Winner: Benjamin Sims, Sedalia, MO

Sable Doe Kid: Born 04/10/2018

Sire of Kid: *B Klisse’s KPOH Ammon

Twin of Kid’s Sire: Klisse’s KPOH Salome

Dam of Kid’s Sire: Klisse’s NSNN Leah

Donated by:
Grande Ronde Dairy Farm
58777 Godley Rd
La Grande, OR 97850
Stephanie Rovey and Family

Toggenburg Doeling

Royal Cedars Just Vegas – AT1934800 – Born 04/22/2018
Sire: Moss-Ridge Tolsma Justice – T1829410
Dam: Royal Cedars Venus Vienna – AT1692543
Raffle Winner: Hope Mann, Celina, OH

Dam of Kid: Royal Cedars Venus Vienna

Maternal Grandam of Kid: Royal Cedars Ambrosia Venus

Maternal Great Grandam of Kid: GCH Carefree-Farms Ambrosia

Dam’s Paternal Grandam of Kid: GCH Joheas-Acres No Whammys

Sire’s Dam of Kid: GCH Moss-Ridge Fritz Journal

Donated by:
Royal Cedars Farm
93250 Bear Creek Ranch Rd
Junction City, OR 97448
Karen Hermanson-Fergason

Recorded Grade Doeling (Experimental)

Spinning Spider BT Dove – E1933853 – Born 03/05/2018
Sire: Montage VGK Bailey
Dam: Spinning Spider Teq. Sunrise
Raffle Winner: Maxwell Thompson & Family, Sullivan, IN

Experimental Doe Kid: Spinning Spider BT Dove

Experimental Doe Kid: Spinning Spider BT Dove

Dam of Kid: Spinning Spider Teq. Sunrise

Donated by:
Spinning Spider Creamery
4717 East Fork Rd
Marshall, NC 28753
Chris and Jeff Owen,
Cullen, Sylas & Morgan Owen
Chris: 828-206-5509
Cullen: 828-206-0417

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