Covid-19 Policy For 2021 Show

The 2021 National Show Committee is happy to announce that the 2021 ADGA National Show will be held July 17-23, 2021 at the Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, Kentucky. A comprehensive COVID-19 plan has been developed and approved to insure the safety of our spectators, exhibitors, volunteers, judges, youth and staff.


Spectators will be allowed to attend the 2021 ADGA National Show being held in Louisville, KY. Masks are mandatory and spectators must wear them at all times. NO exceptions. Spectators will be allowed entry during show hours ONLY and will leave the facility at the conclusion of the show daily. Spectators are advised to familiarize themselves with the National Show rules. Any person (Exhibitor or Spectator) who refuses to abide by the rules will be asked to leave immediately.


ALL exhibitors will be required to wear masks in areas where people congregate:

  • Vet Check
  • Check In
  • Milk Check
  • In the Holding Area
  • In the Show Ring
  • Around the Show Ring
  • In the Vendor Area
  • In the Photographer Room
  • In the Show Office


Exhibitors will not be allowed to bring in additional people beyond what is necessary to care for and show their animals. Necessary is defined as members of the immediate family and/or members showing as a herd unit plus ONE additional person specifically hired to help with the herd per 10 animals entered.

Anyone unwilling to abide by the rules will be directed to leave immediately even if they have not shown. This includes refusal to wear masks correctly. Any herd directed to leave will be subject to further disciplinary action as decided by the National Show Committee and Board of Directors.

Full PDF Document Essential to Download

Download the Covid-19 Policy PDF using the link below to read the complete details.

ADGA National Show 2021 Covid-19 Policy PDF (Updated 6/29/2021)

If anyone has any specific questions, please contact Deb Macke using the National Show Questions form and we will try to address your concerns.