Colorama Sale

What is the Colorama Sale?

The Colorama Sale is a dairy goat auction held each year during the ADGA National Show and is an opportunity for breeders to improve their herd with high quality pedigrees and bloodlines. It is one of two annual dairy goat auctions held annually by the American Dairy Goat Association. Transportation is ideal because most potential buyers already have trailers at the National Show for other animals they are showing.

2019 Sale Date & Location

The ADGA Colorama Sale will be held on July 12, 2019 at 4:00 pm at the Deschutes Country Fairgrounds in Redmond, Oregon.

2019 Sale Nominations Open Now

You are cordially invited to submit a nomination to the Colorama Sale. The process is relatively easy, and the rewards can be a pleasant way to conclude a week of National Show activities.

Consignment Requirements

The consigned animal must :

  1. Be shown in the open show.
  2. Be free of all contagious diseases.
  3. Have arrived on site with health certificate completed to meet interstate travel requirements.
  4. Be negative for TB, brucellosis and CAE prior to the sale (testing completed prior to your arrival at the show). The animal must arrive with these tests completed prior to nomination.
  5. Be listed on its own health certificate.


Required Promotional Material

If your animal is accepted, the committee will require pictures of relatives and the animal to be used by ADGA for promotional purposes.

Preferred Promotional Material

You would be encouraged to have a flash drive with you containing pictures of animals and relatives that may not be present at the National Show. Or, you may send them to the committee chair prior to the sale.

Information helpful for the display board would be show wins, production records, appraisal information and photos of related animals.

Consignment Selection

The animals that are to be Colorama Sale consignments will be selected prior to the start of the National Show. A schedule of selection process will be announced onsite.


Colorama Sale Chair
Sara Koehn-Walberg
PO Box 191
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 763-9399

Colorama Sale Nomination Packet

Colorama Sale Nomination Packet PDF

2018 Colorama Sale Results

This year’s Colorama Sale was held on June 29, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. Dennis Remsburg of Maryland was the Auctioneer.

Lot # 1 French Alpine

Animal: PJ-Baileys KT Apple Strudel – A1926568
Consignor: Patricia & John Bailey & Family
New Owner: Makayla Hardin
Price: $3,100

Lot #2 American Alpine

Animal: Western Pearl WPWA Skyfire – AA1941899
Consignor: Benjamin A. Masemore
New Owner: Greg, Gabrielle & Reagan Birr Dawn
Price: $1,250

Lot #3 LaMancha

Animal: On Holiday MS Tahiti – L1925813
Consignor: Ciera Keena
New Owner: Kimberley Balkom-Fox
Price: $1,100

Lot #4 LaMancha

Animal: Majenli JC Karoke – L1922017
Consignor: Terri L Sines
New Owner: Nicole & Bryan Nadeau
Price: $1,200.00

Lot #5 Nigerian Dwarf

Animal: Agape’s Prize Veil Of Veronica – D1939111P
Consignor: Hilltop Farms
New Owner: Kristin Ferguson
Price: $14,000

Lot #6 Nigerian Dwarf

Animal: Honey Sweetie Acres Wu Zetian – D1928173
Consignor: Regina Bauscher
New Owner: Justin Pietz
Price: $1,750.00

Lot #7 American Nubian

Animal: J&M Hideaway Midsummer’s Eve – AN1925536
Consignor: Jackson Noble
New Owner: Dale, Marilyn, Tammy & Tod Stertz
Price: $2,200

Lot #8 Nubian

Animal: Begley’s Troubled Acre Skrambl – N1949556
Consignor: Lisa, Felecia & Joshua Begley
New Owner: Dale, Marilyn, Tammy & Tod Stertz
Price: $3,100

Lot #9 American Oberhasli

Animal: Buttin’ Heads Black Reign – AB1803777B
Consignor: Tom, Sue & Eric Rucker
New Owner: Silver Shadow Farm
Price: $1,050.00

Lot #10 Oberhasli

Animal: In Theory Dune – B1945631
Consignor: In Theory Farm
New Owner: Kathleen & Karly Tranchida & Kevin Hantosh Family
Price: $1,350

Lot #11 American Saanen

Animal: Tempo Passa Eveleen – AS1931309
Consignor: Lauren L. Acton, DVM
New Owner: Tiffany Blake
Price: $3,600

Lot #12 American Saanen

Animal: Vineyard View Perfect Storm – AS1950155
Consignor: Scott Michael Bice
New Owner: Jon Welker
Price: $6,300

Lot #13 Sable

Animal: Kickapoo Valley JDC Jadeberry – C1846437
Consignor: Ed Jodlowski
New Owner: Joe, Marianne & Amy Brown
Price: $1,350

Lot #14 American Toggenburg

Animal: Schmidt/ECF JKL Fancy Free – AT1940697
Consignor: Callie Schmidt
New Owner: William, Susan & Sarah Frank
Price: $2,500.00

Lot #15 Experimental

Animal: Wil-Lea ESB The Boss’s Daughter – E1924934
Consignor: Charles & Willa Hancock
New Owner: Katie Wolf
Price: $900

Proxy Bidding is Available: Message the ADGA Colorama Sale chair through the ADGA Colorama Sale Facebook page.