Colorama Sale

What is the Colorama Sale?

The Colorama Sale is a dairy goat auction held each year during the ADGA National Show and is an opportunity for breeders to improve their herd with high quality pedigrees and bloodlines. It is one of two annual dairy goat auctions held by the American Dairy Goat Association. Transportation is ideal because most potential buyers already have trailers at the National Show for other animals they are showing.

2019 Sale Date & Location

The ADGA Colorama Sale is complete for 2019. It was held on July 12, 2019 at 4:00 pm PDT at the Deschutes Country Fairgrounds in Redmond, Oregon. Dennis Remsburg was the auctioneer.

Booklet Download with Pedigrees

Colorama Sale Booklet 2019 PDF

2019 Colorama Sale Lots

Lot 1 – American Alpine


Lot 2 – LaMancha

Animal: Rockin-CB LSF Luzianne
Performance Pedigree: L2028152
Consignor: Cindy L & Robert L Silva
New Owner: Elise Mckinsey
Price: $2,800

Lot 3 – Nigerian Dwarf

Animal: Wee3 Farms D Lavender
Performance Pedigree: D1997586
Consignor: Shawn Reeder
New Owner: Karyl Dronen
Price: $1,900

Lot 4 – Nigerian Dwarf

Animal: Gladdie Acres CP Pitch A Fit
Performance Pedigree: D1961947
Consignor: Miranda & Aleshia Lockard Mathae
New Owner: Alison Trimble
Price: $1,000

Lot 5 – Nubian


Lot 6 – Nubian

Animal: DKGH Sonset Rosary
Performance Pedigree: N2027553
Consignor: Greenehaven Farms
New Owners: Dale and Marylin Stertz
Price: $4,100

Lot 7 – Sable


Lot 8 – American Toggenburg

Animal: Rowe’s Time Rosanna
Performance Pedigree: AT1957546
Consignor: Joan Dean Rowe DVM
New Owner: Joshua Albrecht
Price: $3,500

Lot 9 – Experimental

Animal: Wil-Lea C. Music
Performance Pedigree: E2005070
Consignor: Charles & Willa Hancock
New Owner: MA’S ACRES
Price: $1,225


Colorama Sale Chair
Sara Koehn-Walberg
PO Box 191
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 763-9399