California is proud to have put together what we feel is an exciting opportunity for anyone in dairy goats interested in expanding their genetics with some pretty amazing semen. All semen are from bucks that have either been bred by a California herd or have been owned and influential to a herd in California.

-The winner of the California State Basket will get to choose one breed of their choice listed below and receive semen from bucks of that breed only.

-Not only will the winner get semen from those bucks but the semen will be shipped directly to the winner at no additional cost. WITHIN THE USA ONLY

-To make things even more exciting the winner will get to keep the brand new MVE 4/3v shipper tank and protective sleeve.

Alpine 5 strawsLamancha 5 Straws of ONE of the following 3 bucks winners choice  Nigerian Dwarf 2 Straws from each of the following 3 bucks + the 5 straws of Bourbon  Nubian 5 straws of each!Oberhasli 5 straws of each!Saanen 5 straws of each!Toggenburg
Olentangy OAA Chimay +*B  Kastdemur’s Vicco +*B  TX Twincreeks RM Watermark +B  SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LM Candyman +*B  PH-Oberjoyed HR Fire Cat +*B  Vineyard View Hops *B  Info to come soon!!!!
 Kastdemur’s Trendsetter *B  Agape’s Prize Gold Centerfold  Ca Blackberry’s TB Count Luna *B  Look At Me Kanes Joy N Triumph *B  SGCH Old-English Jack’s Son ++*B   
 Kastdemur’s Belmont *B  Lil Miss B Haven WM HokeyPokey *B      
  5 Straws of  Wolfivan CQ Kentucky Bourbon *B      

California State Basket Donors

Amores Farm, Ashabi Farms Quality Goats, Argonne’s Dairy Goats, Bella Creek Nubian Goats, Blue Line LaMancha’s and Livestock, Bo Bena Farm & Livestock Services, Borden Acres, Ca BlackBerry’s
Caddy Kids Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Clauson Party of Five, Cowboy N Angels Farm Nigerian Dwarves,
Crescent Ranch Dairy Goats, Elegant Oak Farm, Elise Double Eagle Dairy Goats
Elite Safehaven Hills, Feltet Drommer Dairy Goats, Franzi Farm, 4Petesake & Look At Me Dairy Goats,
Greenwood Horseshoeing and Forge, HJ Summit Farms, Ilenes Rascals Farm, Kastdemur’s Dairy Goats
Kenzie’s Dairy Goats, LakeShore Nubians, Lil Miss B Haven Nigerian Dairy Goats, Misty Mountain Nubians
Old English Saanens, Redwood Hill Farm – Capracopia, Rowe’s Toggenburgs, Smithen Farm Nubians, Stomping C Farms, Suburbia Farm, Tamris Farms Nubians, Thunder Hills Dairy Goats, War cry dairy goats, Willow Lane Dairy Goats, Wingwood Farm, V-Line Alpines & Toggenburgs, Wolfivan Ranch