What is the ADGA National Show?

(Image courtesy of Steve Pope Photography)

Upcoming ADGA National Show Locations

2021 – Louisville, Kentucky July 16-23
2022 – (proposed) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania June 24-July 1
2023 – (proposed) Redmond, Oregon July 14-21
2024 – (proposed) East Central location TBA
2025 – (proposed) West Central location TBA
2026 – (proposed) East location TBA

Spectator Entry Is Free

Entry to ADGA National Show, dairy goat auction and vendor area is free to spectators. Entry fees and pen fees will apply to exhibitors. This information is available under the Exhibitors menu. The facility may charge a fee for parking. There will be a Wine & Cheese Reception preceding the Colorama Sale dairy goat auction that requires a pre-purchased a ticket.  The first day of the show is arrival for exhibitors and the last day is for departing exhibitors only. Be sure to check the Show Schedule to see what events are happening.

What is the ADGA National Show?

The ADGA National Show showcases the achievements of dairy goat owners and breeders for the hard work they are doing to produce high quality dairy goats. The show is a week-long event held annually in late June to mid-July. The location changes from year to year and is determined 2-3 years in advance based on bids received by the ADGA National Show Long-Range committee.

Winning animals and their owners receive awards and recognition at the event and in many agricultural publications. More importantly, the owners receive prestige in the dairy goat community and can often get better prices for their breeding stock.


Unlike what you may experience at a petting zoo or farm, goats that are being shown should not be fed or handled by anyone but their owner. You are welcome to wear what is comfortable for you to a show, but those exhibiting will be wearing white long pants or skirts and closed toe shoes.

Out of consideration for the well being of the dairy goats, all pets need to be left at home. Only ESA and official service animals with documentation are permitted, and even then, ESA animals are not permitted in goat housing, show or vendor areas.

In addition to dairy goat shows where participating animals are judged in many breeds and classes, there are also youth events, a raffle or silent auction, a Wine & Cheese event, a prestigious Colorama Sale dairy goat auction and a closing awards ceremony.


If you are a dairy goat owner interested in improving your herd or just considering owning a dairy goat, attending the ADGA National Show would help you recognize a high-quality animal. You will also be surrounded by people who have a great deal of dairy goat knowledge and experience.

As you look for a friendly face to unload your dairy goat related questions on, be mindful that a goat owner may be preparing for an event and start by asking if now is a good time for a few questions. Most owners are happy to share their experience with you if you are considerate of the other commitments they have during a show.

(Image courtesy of Steve Pope Photography)